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Seniors One on One Exercise Rehabilitation Sessions may be advisable in the following circumstances:
As we age, we may find that our ability to 'bounce back' following an injury, or a physical or psychological trauma, may not be as easy as it perhaps once was in our younger years. 

Other than the obvious hormonal and other physcial influences, there can also be a range of other reasons why our bodies may take longer to recover, such as previous injury, exisiting medical conditions, joint or spinal degeneration, emotional/psychological influences or general decrease in muscle conditioning

Sometimes when we experience a physically or psychologically traumatic event, even though keeping active is often advised, it can often affect our ability to want to maintain our levels of physical activity through fear of re-injury, lack of confidence in our ability to maintain balance or stability, our limitations that we place upon ourselves, or even the motivation if emotionally upset.

It is very common after experiencing a fall, that those in advancing age may been 'unstable' or lack the confidence to walk on uneven surfaces or far without wanting to ensure a stable surface is nearby for fear of 'loosing their footing' and therefore experiencing another fall. This is a common, and naturally understandable, fear. However, this can often also lead to 'fear-avoidance' activities. When we adopt fear-avoidance behaviours, this can not only limit participation in the activities we might enjoy, but also hinder our ability to heal, and reduce our likelihood to improve & thrive in our older years.

At Healthy Living Osteopathy, we embrace life! We want our seniors and elderly patients to enjoy their ageing journey and where applicable, we will  work with you to gently help improve your strength, to improve your co-ordination, to improve your balance and feel more stable. We aim to increase your confidence and our goal is to transform any fear-avoidance behaviours, into a desire to maintain a strong and active life.

  • Post injury rehabilitation (ankle, spine, foot, hand, elbow, knee, shoulder, hip).
  • As an adjunct to Osteopathic treatments.
  • As a maintenance program once resolution has been achieved through Osteopathic consultations.
  • For those suffering with osteoarthritis - to increase joint range of motion, increase muscle strength and for joint nutrition.
  • For those with, or at risk of developing, osteoporosis - to gently build muscle, improve balance and restore bone strength.
  • To improve balance & in the prevention of falls.
  • To increase confidence walking on uneven surfaces, following a fall.
  • To gently build or maintain upper and lower body strength.
  • To provide a gentle exercise session that is not too strenous and under the guidance of a qualified allied health professional ensuring proper technique and safety.
  • To help improve physical and psychological wellbeing through gentle exercise.

We may use any of the following accessories during our Seniors Exercise sessions:
  • Therabands
  • Slastix Resistance Bands
  • Half Dome Rollers
  • Dura Discs
  • Wobble Boards
  • Balance exercise
  • Swiss Ball
  • Light dumbells
  • Light weight Bar
  • Walking Frame
  • Marbels
  • Mobility Exercise
  • Gentle body movement strengthening

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