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Many people complain of neck pain or upper back pain associated with long hours stooped over text books or a computer. Poor posture can also lead to headaches and shoulder pain and continuous keyboard use can additionally lead to repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel.

Our osteopaths can help improve upper limb mechanics by addressing areas of dysfunction during treatment. We provide strengthening exercises to muscles that are weak & lengthened and stretch out muscles that are in a shortened state to promote better posture. Since it is not always easy to 'get away from the desk' we also provide ergonomic advise to help prevent the onset of musculoskeletal pain and educate our patients on a more comfortable workspace set up.

Continuous bending, repetitive arm movement, long hours of kneeling, or constant heavy lifting, places increased stresses on the spine, the muscular system and associated articular structures. Twisting of the torso and carrying loads can also lead to disc injury.

At Healthy Living Osteopathy, we identify the areas of the body which are taking on most of the strain and our treatments aim to loosen up tight muscles and address any compensation patterns to reduce injury and allow you to work at your full capacity. We also educate on safer techniques of performing daily tasks to take the pressure off overloaded joints and prevent injury.

Sitting with the upper back stooped over for long periods of time without rest can put tension on the muscles and ligamentous structures of the upper back and result in compensatory tightness of muscles in the front of the neck and chest. This can lead to neck and upper back pain attributable to early onset of muscular fatigue.

At Healthy Living Osteopathy we can help relieve upper back pain associated with those in the beauty therapy industry by improving mobility in the thoracic spine, releasing tight muscles and providing exercise advice. We also provide tips on how to improve upper limb function while at work to alleviate strain on muscles and joints and promote a more comfortable work posture.

Joint stiffness and pain associated with arthritis, the reduced ability to undertake regular activity (due to lack of muscular strength or endurance), back pain as a result of stooped posture, and an increased risk of bone fracture from poor balance or reduced bone density, may be attributable to the ageing population.

At Healthy Living Osteopathy, we help to reduce pain and stiffness, improve joint nutrition and increase joint & spinal mobility. We also provide gentle exercise & lifestyle advice to improve co-ordination, balance, bone & muscular strength and encourage regular activity.

Back pain is a common complaint in those whose occupations require long hours of driving. Sitting in this sustained posture with the vibration felt from the motor vehicle places extra pressure on the discs within the spine which can lead to low back pain, pelvic pain or referral of pain elsewhere. We can help decompress the lumbar spine, increase spinal motion to reduce the strain on associated structures, release tight muscles and improve the circulation of fluid within the joints
Repetitive back, shoulder and arm motion can overwork the muscles and ligaments of the neck, shoulder and upper back causing pain.
We can improve spinal mobility, and release tight muscles of the neck and shoulder. We can also help relieve the symptoms of leg and knee pain associated with prolonged standing. To promote long term relief, we advise on safer options of performing work related tasks and provide postural advice.

Officeworkers & Students


Beauty Therapists

Hairdressers, Cleaners, Hospitality workers, Gaming, Retail, Health Practitioners

Transport Industry, Truck Drivers & Couriers

Seniors & Elderly

Pregnancy related pain

Athletes, Sport Injury & Active Individuals


The growing baby results in changes in the normal curvature of the lumbar spine; this no doubtedly can cause pain, especially as the pregnancy progresses. After birth, back pain can still ensue as the body attempts to encourage associated spinal and pelvic structures to revert back to their pre-pregnancy state which may take some time.
Women who have just recently had a baby may also experience neck or upper back pain from breastfeeding, and the repetitive actions of lifting and carrying the new baby.
Low back pain may still persist for some time folllowing birth. Once baby gets heavier, carrying baby on the hips can also predispose to back and pelvic related pain due to the regular shifting of the centre of gravity to one side.
At Healthy Living Osteopathy, we apply gentle techniques to help relax associated protective muscle tightness and help to take pressure off the spine and pelvic structures. We also provide strategies on safer lifting, carrying and breastfeeding.

Whether it’s moving house, a stressful job, meeting budgets, exams, financial worries, relationship concerns, health worries or alike, we tend to hold tension in our shoulders and neck. Prolonged tension can lead to muscle imbalance, easily fatigue muscles that are acting to hold us upright (which can make associated structures that are constantly on strain vulnerable to injury) and also lead to muscle spasm and pain.
Stress is also a common cause of headaches and can be a trigger for migraine sufferers.
At Healthy Living Osteopathy we aim to recognise signs of stress in our patients and work to reduce and release tension in the shoulders & neck and improve upper body functionality by increasing active range of movement. We examine for other compensation patterns that may result and generally try to encourage a more positive lifestyle.

Regular exercise and keeping fit keeps the immune system strong, helps regulate blood pressure, reduces the risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes and helps maintain a healthy weight which takes increased pressure off the spine and joints. Keeping active is also great for psychological wellbeing.
Previous injury, unaccustomed activity or an excessive training regime can, however, increase strain on the muscles and joints predisposing to injury. Factors such as muscle imbalance, skeletal anomalies and sub-optimal training technique can additionally lead to biomechanical compensations. Untreated body compensations with continued training can further exacerbate poor neuromuscular recruitment patterns which can not only reduce the effectiveness of the chosen sporting or training activity but can also result in progressive pain or injury.

At Healthy Living Osteopathy, we can treat and manage the following sports related injuries:

  • Neck & back muscle strains
  • Rotator cuff tears & tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow & golfers elbow
  • Quad & hamstring strains
  • Knee injury & patella tracking syndrome
  • Shin splints & compartment syndrome
  • Achilles tendonitis

Regardless of your choice of sport or activity, At Healthy Living Osteopathy we can help by treating the associated injured structures, addressing altered biomechanics, identifying compensations, and providing exercise & rehabilitative advice to get you back into enjoying your favourite activity.

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